Tokenomics Description

  • Liquidity Pool and Trading: 59.90%

  • AirDrops: 0.10%

  • Team: 20%

  • Marketing: 10%

  • Other Expenses: 10%

  • Liquidity Pool (59.90%): This is the largest slice of the pizza chart. Think of it as a pool where money is stored so that people can easily buy and sell the token. It's like the market where you can exchange your Dreyfus tokens for SOL or USDT and vice versa.

  • AirDrops (0.10%): This is a small slice used to give away tokens to the community. It's like throwing candies at a parade to attract more people and get more folks holding Dreyfus tokens.

  • Team (20.00%): This slice is the profit the development team receives. They're like the chefs who made the pizza and get a portion of the earnings for their work.

  • Marketing (10.00%): This is where investment in advertising goes. It's used to promote the token on social media, create videos, and work with influencers. It's like when you see ads on Instagram or YouTube about something new and exciting.

  • Other expenses (10.00%): This slice is used for various expenses like maintaining the website, development tools, organizing educational talks, and more.

Now, it's important to understand that these slices aren't static. Gradually, all categories are moving towards the Trade section as the budget is used. This means that as funds allocated to each category are spent, that portion of the pizza chart moves towards the Trade section for use in commercial activities. It's important to note that this proportion is a process, and not all tokens are currently being used for their intended purposes. This is because the project is in development and funds are being acquired to increase liquidity, ensuring there are enough tokens available in the liquidity pool to facilitate trading.