Dreyfus (DRYFS)

Whait is Dreyfus?

Inspired by the grand master, we strengthen our commitment to justice and defend the values of the blockchain.

Dreyfus is a SPL token within the Solana network, represented by the symbol DRYFS. This cryptocurrency, Deyfrus, pays tribute to the revered sacred knights. Drawing inspiration from their esteemed grand master, these knights rally together, reinforcing their unwavering dedication to justice. With every transaction made, a flicker of hope is ignited, guiding the knights on their noble quest to safeguard and defend the fundamental values of the blockchain.

The sword of the Dreyfus Knight
The sword of the Dreyfus Knight

Contract Address: 4tNzSCKrSDREsgRxmXpsmiL8edKjVQSx2LK3UBbUcnK5

Buy on Centralized Exchange?

Buy on Decentralized Exchange?

Available in Jupiter, Orca, Raydium and MeteoraAG

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