Do you want to Stake DRYFS?

You can stake DRYFS by sending them to CEX PointPay!

You can add liquidity and stake on the MeteoraAG Farm!

MeteoraAG Liquidity

MeteoraAG Staking Farm (really good APR)

How to Add Liquidity and Stake in MeteoraAG Farm

  1. Buy DRYFS Tokens:
    Purchase the required amount of DRYFS tokens from a supported exchange.

  2. Hold Equivalent Value in SOL Tokens:
    Ensure you have SOL tokens equivalent to the value of your DRYFS tokens in your wallet.

  3. Add Liquidity on MeteoraAG:
    Navigate to the liquidity section on MeteoraAG.
    Add the desired amount of DRYFS tokens for liquidity. Remember, you must contribute an equivalent value in SOL tokens.
    MeteoraAG will provide you with LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens as proof of your liquidity contribution.

  4. Access the Farm Link on MeteoraAG:
    Once liquidity is added, proceed to the farm section on MeteoraAG via the provided link.

  5. Stake Your LP Tokens:
    Deposit your LP tokens into the Farm for staking.
    You will start earning rewards in DRYFS tokens.

  6. Claim Rewards and Manage Liquidity:
    You can claim your DRYFS rewards at any time.
    You also have the option to unstake your LP tokens and withdraw your liquidity whenever you wish.